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This is a 15 minute game about our global connection to each other, drawing from the idea of how any photograph reflects a lost member of our global family. Much of this inspiration is drawn from the Joy, Pain, and Melancholy one can feel when looking at an old photograph, and attempts to mimic the wonderful sting of melancholy and happiness that echos through our memories when we stop and reflect. 

The game in simplistic and linear, there is no audio or music to reflect the silent nostalgia of staring at a photograph.

Thanks for your time! I hope you enjoy the game.

Respectful feedback appreciated.

Also the name is taken from the very old song "Pictures of You" - by The Last Goodnight

Created for the No Excuses Jam 2017

Published Oct 19, 2017
AuthorMark Kennedy


Pictures of You.exe 2 MB


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I thought your game was very cute. I felt like the text should have had me just click or tap the spacebar to make the next text or picture to appear. I felt like it was taking too long to appear but that's just me. I do think your game is sweet with nice little stories and art. Like those pictures of the babies on the right made me smile.

Thanks Wallace! I appreciate your feedback: straightforward yet very respectful! And I agree the game was a bit drawn out, someone else had mentioned the exact same thing to me earlier today, I'll keep that in mind on any future changes.

 And I'm glad I made you smile! :)

Have a nice day!


I'm very happy to know i'm in this picture. I guess you are im mine now :)

Haha! Yep! :D