A downloadable sandwich thing?

[Made for: PROCJAM - The Procedural Generation Jam]

1000 Sandwich Stories.

A lot of buffoonery.

And good the mayo.

(GODDAMNIT it's 4:34am and I'm too fed up to unautocorrec do you see this shit Samsung. To change the good the mayo to HOLD THE MAYO, because I am so done that, while it's technically all my fault which is enlightening considering this jam has exposed a negative cycle of games Development so now that I am aware I can fix it, anyways my arm is going completely numb because I am laying on it in bed writing this confounded description out to be. A-HA proactive but here I am dying over here because my original “Dark Wizard Death Engine” Procjam turned into “Wasting over 300 sheets of paper to my complete ineptitude with proper deadlines and planning but hey at least in learning. I hate this Game. But it's my fault. I gave to accept personal responsibility for my actions, because I mf I don't, who will? I simply took way too long to start an idea that was way too big to finish in four days and had no guidelines so here I am at now 4:37am tapping away to make a game about WHAT. Sandwiches! It's like the offbrand of my original idea. Sigh. I wish I did better. O guess it's a native pattern I created in High School. Wait, panic, B+, wait panic B-, wait panic, Game about Sandwiches. But who can I blame beside myself? Yeah there are some other surrounding factors during that time but I learned a bad habit simple. No plan, no patience, no persistence, B+. I'm better than this shit. So. Oh. Yeah. Wait, lemme just.)

You only need a mouse to play.

(There we go. Anyways yeah I've been struggling. It's the course of the American middle class eh? Death by Comfort. It's too easy to give up, to order fast food, to do the minimum to survive to just keep rolling along, and look at me, with one of my favorite ideas in a long time bastardized into a deli monstrosity. I knew this jam was coming for a month. But here's the kicker, you always know, ya know? You always know the deadline. It's like. Why. Because you don't start until you feel the heat coming around that corner, it's a terrible habit. And there's a billion and one things to blame but you can't run from yourself. The sandwiches exist because I made my choices. No one else)

These sandwiches are my fault.

(Whoops. These sandwiches are my fault. I don't need to be a dopamine head to achieve things. It's retrospectively the hardest thing about Highschool looking at all the instant”gratification?” if you can even call it that, sugar instead of protein more like. How much time did I waste on bullshit. A lot. And then my school work suffered because I didn't stick it out and just do it, I waited and made it miserable on myself every time, and again, lots of reasons why this happened but again, habits still there now. I'm going to leave a little mayo drawing here. As a reminder to myself. I will leave it here until I finish a jam with proper planning, execution, time management. When the mayo is gone I will replace it with a smiley face.)

(A photo of Mayo ((I couldn't find one and ripped my skin on my sick blender blades trying to clean them and I  just - this will be the photo of the may OK?))

Disregard the Mayo.

Published Nov 13, 2017
AuthorMark Kennedy
Tagsfood, rng, sandwich, trainwreck


Sandwich - RNG.exe 9 MB

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