A downloadable game for Windows

WASD - Movement

Spacebar - Inspection

[Contains Harsh Language, Violence, Drug Usage, and Other Mature Themes]

           ~ "The Skeleton Key sets you free" - User Mantra ~

You are a Mover. You move drugs. You walk around, find the person you are meant to sell drugs to - hand them the drugs - and then get money - and walk away. The simplest way to make 80,000 Credits.

The City is a corpse, and you the worm the permeates its clinging flesh. You may be a parasite, but hey, so is everyone else. You are an observer torn in a silent conflict between watching and dying - as the city dies - so do you. You're past encounter's with Drugs have turned your world monochromatic.  You may have a tendency for violence, but right now, you're just trying to save up enough to change. Go somewhere else, where the world is a little less - existent.

Originally created for the Darktober 2017 Jam but I missed the deadline pretty bad, so I decided to upload it late.

The game is dark and depressing.  There's a good amount of misspellings and errors, but hey, I got it finished.


Published Nov 02, 2017
AuthorMark Kennedy
Tags2D, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes


Seven Skeleton Key's.exe 29 MB

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